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Rick, Harv and Bob, just graduated from college, are embarked on a late 20th century version of the Grand Tour when a chance encounter on the outskirts of Lander, Wyoming changes everything.  After things go awry, our travelers benefit from a tenuous temporary legal technicality to escape Lander and continue their sojourn through Colorado and New Mexico, before arriving at one final moment of truth.  Join these three 22 year olds—not yet truly men, but clearly beyond being boys—as they grapple with a seminal inflection point in their lives while exploring the landscapes, flora and fauna of the American West.  Along the way they learn things about themselves . . . and how sex, class and money affect the daily interactions we call our lives.  So buckle up for a rollicking ride through the Rockies.  And see if it surprises you how it ends up.


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